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  • I have a clean record and I will always have Michael to thank for that. Aggravated DWI with an accident in Brooklyn, February 2016
  • Michael was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. After being arrested with a DWI and losing my job shortly after, I was at my wit's end. DWI with an Accident and Leaving the Scene, January 2016
  • Because of you, I'm driving my kids to school! Thank you!! DWI & DMV Refusal Hearing, August 2015
  • Mike Cibella did an excellent job! . . . When something wasn’t right the day the charge was to be dismissed, Mike hunted down the DA to make it right and end the case with a dismissal. We are grateful to have engaged him. Criminal Mischief, July 2015
  • Michael, I am grateful for your help with the DA and can't thank you enough for what you did for our son. You gave him a second chance . . . Grand Larceny, May 2015
  • Michael could not have done more for me in immediately being available and putting me at ease . . . had a bull-dog-like tenacity that never stopped fighting for my case and had a great court presentation. DWI, March 2015
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  • Thank you very much for all that you've done. You made this difficult process very easy for me and I'm doing much better thanks to your help. DWI, December 2013
  • Thank you for saving my career! Investment Bank Trader, Larceny case, July 2011.
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A DUI conviction can impact your professional life

A DUI conviction can impact your professional life

As a resident of New York, you know that police are cracking down on driving under the influence. If you’re charged with this crime, it’s important to understand how it could impact your future. Not only will it have personal implications, but a conviction can also stop you from reaching your professional goals.

For example, a teacher or police officer has a lot to lose if they are found guilty of driving under the influence.

With all this in mind, you need to do one thing: Implement a DUI defense strategy that helps you avoid a conviction and the most serious punishment.

You have rights

If you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, you need to know your rights. Regardless of whether you’ve had too much to drink or not, here are some of your rights:

  • You have the right to refuse to answer any questions.
  • If you do speak, the information you provide can be used against you in the court of law at a later date.
  • You have the right to consult with an attorney before discussing the arrest with police.
  • You also have the right for your attorney to be present when you are answering questions.
  • If you decide to answer questions at the time of being pulled over, you have the right to stop doing so at any point.

Note: The officer who pulls you over is not required to read your Miranda Rights. Instead, he or she is only required to do so if you are under interrogation or in police custody. This doesn’t apply to a situation in which your vehicle is pulled over.

As the process moves forward, you need to understand the steps that come next. For example, once you are arrested and booked, the arraignment process will follow. During this time you learn more about the charges against you, while also having the right to plead guilty or not guilty.

The strategy you use depends on the circumstances of your arrest, the charges, and in many cases, the impact of a potential punishment.

When fighting a DUI charge, you always want to think about what a conviction will mean from a personal and professional standpoint.

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