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  • Michael saved my life. There is no other way to put it . . . Thank you, Michael, for giving me a new day! Assault in the First Degree in Manhattan, August 2016
  • I have a clean record and I will always have Michael to thank for that. Aggravated DWI with an accident in Brooklyn, February 2016
  • Michael was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. After being arrested with a DWI and losing my job shortly after, I was at my wit's end. DWI with an Accident and Leaving the Scene, January 2016
  • Because of you, I'm driving my kids to school! Thank you!! DWI & DMV Refusal Hearing, August 2015
  • Mike Cibella did an excellent job! . . . When something wasn’t right the day the charge was to be dismissed, Mike hunted down the DA to make it right and end the case with a dismissal. We are grateful to have engaged him. Criminal Mischief, July 2015
  • Michael, I am grateful for your help with the DA and can't thank you enough for what you did for our son. You gave him a second chance . . . Grand Larceny, May 2015
  • Michael could not have done more for me in immediately being available and putting me at ease . . . had a bull-dog-like tenacity that never stopped fighting for my case and had a great court presentation. DWI, March 2015
  • I know a dodged a bullet and it's all thanks to Michael's judgment, experience and hard work! Insurance Fraud, September 2014
  • ... Again, I'm forever grateful. I wish there were better words. THANK YOU! Fraud Investigation, July 2014
  • Thank you for all your hard work and for making this crazy process a little easier to handle. I'm very fortunate to have had you on my side. DWI, February 2014
  • Thank you very much for all that you've done. You made this difficult process very easy for me and I'm doing much better thanks to your help. DWI, December 2013
  • Thank you for saving my career! Investment Bank Trader, Larceny case, July 2011.
Michael V. Cibella Michael V. Cibella
Practice Areas

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes can result in the harshest sentences. When your freedom is on the line, you need a defense attorney with experience defending clients facing high-stakes consequences.
Michael V. Cibella, a New York City criminal defense lawyer and former senior prosecutor, uses his broad and extensive experience to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case against you and build a strong, strategic defense.

Our lawyers represent clients facing a wide variety of violent criminal charges, including:

We have a successful track record of handling high-profile cases in complex areas of the law. Our experience working with forensic and medical evidence gives us the ability to conduct a thorough analysis of each case. We break down every element of the charge against you to find flaws in the prosecution’s case that we can build on. We thoroughly conduct our own investigations working with reliable investigators with law enforcement experience and
leave no stone unturned.

A Well-Crafted Defense From A Manhattan Assault Attorney

To successfully defend clients against charges of violent crimes, a defense attorney needs a comprehensive understanding of the intricate legal requirements for different defense strategies. We have the knowledge and experience to present defenses involving:

  • Self-defense
  • Mistaken identity
  • Coerced confessions
  • Extreme emotional disturbance (EED) and other psychiatric defenses

At the
Law Offices of Michael V. Cibella, LLC, we represent every client with dedication and attention to detail. If the prosecution does not have the evidence to convict, our attorneys will not hesitate to take your case to trial to seek an acquittal. Even in cases in which the prosecution has considerable evidence, we provide a vigorous defense in our efforts to seek the best possible results either by plea or after trial.

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