Civil & Commercial Litigation
At the Law Offices of Michael V. Cibella, LLC, a New York City based civil litigation law firm, we take pride in providing high-quality representation to both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of civil litigation matters. From business or real estate disputes to personal injury cases, from employment litigation to false arrest and civil rights actions, we provide all of our clients with sound advice and skilled representation.

Manhattan Civil Litigation Lawyer

We represent clients involved in a wide range of civil matters, including:
  • Contract and business disputes
  • Commercial and personal lending litigation
  • Employment discrimination and retaliation
  • Dram Shop liability
  • Employment wage and hour violation cases
  • Fitness trainer negligence
  • Civil Assault and Battery
  • Dog Bite cases
  • Personal Injury
  • Civil Rights and False Arrests

Experience you can rely on whether you are bringing or defending a civil dispute

We represent both plaintiffs who have been wronged and defendants accused of negligence or some other breach of law or an agreement. We identify your goals early on and consider all options in determining the best path to achieving them. We also discuss the potential time and costs involved in reaching your goals and keep you continually informed as your case progresses.

Solving Problems Efficiently and Intelligently

We recognize that litigation can be costly and we strive to provide the highest quality representation within your litigation budget. In doing so, we do not waste time or money by filing pointless motions that do not realistically advance your objectives. Rather, we stay focused on your overall goals and the path to achieving them. We believe an open line of communication is essential to providing the best legal representation possible. We keep you informed of all developments in your case and actively involve you in the decision-making process. While we take pride in being a trial attorney, we understand it can be beneficial to resolve matters without going to trial, and we do everything possible to achieve an advantageous settlement. However, if such a settlement cannot be obtained, we are prepared to zealously try your case to get the results you are seeking.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

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